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Slip,Trip or Fall Compensation ClaimMany of these accidents occur in public places for instance slipping in a supermarket, or even tripped over an uneven street pavement or fallen down some stairs. This is always someones responsibility to make sure that public places are safe.

If your accident was on a council owned property such as foot path or a rented council house then you may be able to make personal injury claim against the local authority if the accident was there fault. For example if you tripped  and badly injured yourself on a badly maintained public footpath you would be able to claim, for instance if you slipped on an item that was lying around on a public footpath then you would not be able to claim.

If you tripped on a cable trailing on the floor in your office and injured yourself, then you would be able to make a personal injury claim against your employer.

If you are unsure whether you have a case of a slip and fall compensation accident in a public place then contact us for free advice.

Slips and fall compensation accidents are the most commonly encountered accidents, each of these may give you damaged bones i.e. cracked leg, elbow, arm or dislocated your hip and / or collarbone as well as back injuries which are very painful and frequently don’t totally go away they appear back and cause you agony later in your life. You might smacked your head and suffer memory loss,  concussion, swelling of your brain or maybe worse brain damage. Or you may suffer paralysis of your back, neck, arm, leg etc. If any of these happen to you and it wasn’t your fault it is best to make contact with a personal injury solicitor specialising in personal injury accident claims that will help you produce a compensation claim regarding yourself.

Slips are often well-known on wet surfaces, oily surfaces or uneven surfaces for example pavements and roads. A lot of people slip on ice and snow whenever the weathersare poor. In working conditions someone will possibly spill some liquid and fail to remember to clean it down and you simply slip on it inflicting yourself pain and injury.

Falls usually happen if you fall over something that usually isn’t there like a box within a walkway, a broken slab or paving stone or perhaps a tree stump not removed appropriately.

Work conditions possess a responsibility to all or anyof there employees making certain there working condition is riskless by using Health and Safety manual from slips and falls.

Stores have got a responsibility to there employees and customers to be sure that very little is on the surface that could make anyone slip and fall over such as boxes, liquid including water, or spilt milk or juice.

Public and Private places including peoples properties are the sole responsibility of the owner may it be a restaurant, a shop, your residence.  Yourself as being the possessor need to make sure that everything is reliable and there is nothing that will help make your visitor slip and fall.

The Local Council provide the responsibility of keeping pavements and roads even as it’s their responsibility to the town and or village.

Claiming Compensation for a Slip and Fall Compensation Claim

If you have been injured in a public place and it wasn't your fault, you may be entitled to compensation.

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